Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Miami News, September 24, 1968, "Dante Urges U.S. Act in Exile Bombings" by Ian Glass

Congressman Dante Fascell today urged U.S. Attorney General [Ramsey] Clark to order an investigation of Cuban terrorist bomber groups here "and bring these criminals to justice."


Fascell's telegram said: "Recent terrorist activities in Miami and other parts of our nation perpetrated by a small group of Cuban extremists are endangering Cuban and American lives and property.

"The vast majority of Cuban exiles have proven to be exemplary guests in our nation. However, this militant minority is violating not only our local laws with attacks on foreign ships and bombing of grocery stores, but also is violating a host of federal laws.

"For those reasons, I seriously urge a prompt and thorough investigation by the FBI, immigration authorities and other federal agencies to bring these criminals to justice.

"While I fully support the legitimate effort of the Cuban exiles to free their homeland, we cannot allow a terrorist minority to jeopardize lives and blatantly violate our laws in the name of patriotism."


Copyright (c) 1968 The Miami News

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