Friday, February 17, 2012

Daytona Beach Morning Journal, November 8, 1968, "Phony Dynamite, Says Witness on Exile Duds" by The Associated Press

MIAMI - A Cuban exile testified Thursday that he infiltrated Cuban Power, a secret terrorist group, and supplied it with phony dynamite he obtained from the FBI.

The witness, 29-year-old Ricardo Morales Navarrete, said Orlando Bosch, one of nine exiles on trial in Federal Court, kept complaining that ship blasting attempts with his explosives had been duds.

The nine were charged with conspiring to bomb ships from countries dealing with the Fidel Castro regime.

Morales, who described himself as an arms expert, also testified that at Bosch's request, he assembled a 59 millimeter recoilless rifle to be fired on a Polish vessel.

Judge William O. Mehrtens admitted his testimony over the objection of defense attorney Melvyn Greenspahn who pointed out it came from a paid informer.


Morales testified he first saw the [recoilless] rifle in the apartment of Aimee Miranda, one of the defendants, and that he put it in shooting condition. He said he also equipped it with sights fashioned from a coat hanger.

Morales, speaking with a strong accent, also testified that at his first meeting with Bosch, on Jan. 20, Bosch told him "a suitcase full of money has arrived from Cuba for Cuban Power."


Copyright (c) 1968 The Associated Press

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