Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Miami News, October 8, 1968, "Dynamite Found Near Dante's Office" by The Miami News

Twenty-four sticks of dynamite, with detonation caps and primer cord, were found outside the Miami campaign headquarters of Rep. Dante Fascell yesterday but the explosives had not been rigged as a bomb.

Dick Nellius, press assistant to Fascell, a Democrat who is running for re-election, said the 50-pound box of dynamite was found in bushes outside a building at 2901 S. Bayshore Dr., where the Fascell forces have offices on the ground floor.

Nellius said the explosives were found by someone connected with Alliance Machinery Corp., which owns the building and has offices on the upper floor. The dynamite was removed by the Metro Bomb Squad.

Copyright (c) 1968 The Miami News

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