Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Miami News, September 23, 1968, "One Bomb Is One Too Many," Editorial by The Miami News

We think Cuban exiles can find better ways to settle differences than by blowing up buildings or firing rifles at foreign ships.

And we find it difficult to believe that law enforcement agencies can't find the culprits responsible for some 38 bombings in Dade County since Jan. 1.

More reasonable members of the Cuban community deplore the lawless attacks, many of which are perpetrated by a Cuban Power group, or exiles who claim to be banded together to forcefully demonstrate their displeasure with local affairs.

Miami is overrun with agents of the U.S. government, representing the CIA and the FBI. These are in addition to the local police forces and it seems most unusual that only a handful of suspects have been turned up in recent explosions. (None of these have been accused of bombings, but rather are charged with illegal possession of explosives.)

We're not experts in making bombs, but it is rather common knowledge that the explosive material used in many of the bombings is made exclusively for the U.S. military. It would seem that the CIA, FBI and the military intelligence agencies, with their vast resources, could at least plug the leak in the explosives, and maybe even discover who is using them for these non-military purposes.

Copyright (c) 1968 The Miami News

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