Friday, June 10, 2011

Toledo Blade, August 16, 1963, "More Attacks Vowed on Cuba" by The Associated Press.

MIAMI - An anti-Castro group which claims credit for the bombing and strafing of a Cuban sugar mill and oil refinery, said yesterday that it plans more attacks this weekend.

"We will destroy 16 fundamental objectives in Communist Cuba, including two missile launching pads," said Dr. Orlando Bosch, secretary of the [Insurrectional Movement of Revolutionary Recovery] (MIRR).

"We are planning other attacks in the course of a few days, soon," he said. "The Castro regime will be overthrown."

Mr. Bosch said two MIRR planes flew to Cuba early yesterday. One dropped two of six bombs it carried on a sugar mill in Moron, Camaguey Province. Mr. Bosch said other bombs were not dropped because the power plant at the mill failed, extinguishing lights, and the anti-Castroites didn't want to risk missing their targets.

The second attack, to take place in Matanzas Province, was suspended due to engine trouble, but as the plane changed course and flew over a Havana petroleum refinery, it drew anti-aircraft fire.

Mr. Bosch said that attacks represent the beginning of subversive and direct attacks by the MIRR and other organizations.

In Havana, Cuban authorities announced the attacks. The armed forces ministry, without specifying the nationality of the intruders, blamed pirates, "organized, armed and directed by the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States."

Copyright (c) 1963 The Associated Press

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