Friday, June 24, 2011

Wilmington Morning Star, February 16, 1965, "Exile Group Claims Raid on Cuba" by United Press International.

MIAMI - A Cuban exile leader said Monday he had been warned by U.S. authorities of "most serious consequences" if his group attempts another attack against Cuba.

Orlando Bosch, secretary of the Insurrectional Recovery Movement (MIRR), indicated, however, the group has no intention of stopping its raids. He denied having any bases inside the United States.

"The United States must know that if the men of Cuba want to liberate their country, nothing and nobody can stop them," said Bosch.

He said he was warned about the raids by a U.S. custom official following an air strike Saturday claimed by the MIRR against a sugar mill in Pinar Del Rio Province. The MIRR also claimed a raid on another mill in the same general area Jan. 18.

Bosch said the Saturday raid against the Bahia Honda mill was by a B26 plane. He said the plane's crew was unable to observe whether the bombs landed on target but that the organization had film of flames around the objectives following the raid.

The exile leader said the plane dropped three napalm bombs of 100 pounds each, a 200-pound high explosive bomb and phosphorous incendiary devices.

"After the attack, our plane came back to its base without suffering any damages. Nobody in the crew was wounded. The enemy did not respond to our attack," Bosch said.

Copyright (c) 1965 United Press International

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