Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sarasota Herald-Tribune, September 9, 1963, "Plane Bombs Cuban Mill, Says Report" by The Associated Press.

MIAMI - An anti-Castro group said Sunday a twin-engine bomber destroyed a sugar mill in Camaguey Province, in eastern Cuba Saturday night.

Dr. Orlando Bosch, head of the Revolutionary Recovery Movement (MIRR) said the plane dropped six 50-pound bombs on the mill. Four, he said, hit the target.

Bosch said the plane, flying from a concealed base in Central America, was over Cuban territory for about an hour. He said it received only a sprinkling of anti-aircraft gunfire, apparently from guards at the mill. Otherwise, the craft was unmolested.

The MIRR, which claimed credit for a similar raid Aug. 16 on mill in Camaguey, said anti-Castro propaganda pamphlets were dropped as the plane left its target site.

Copyright (c) 1963 The Associated Press

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