Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sarasota Journal, September 9, 1963, "Cuban Exiles to Hit Greek Ships" by United Press International.

MIAMI - A militant Cuban exile group has warned it will attack Greek ships found near Cuba after Oct. 1, and vowed to continue to fight Premier Fidel Castro "until victory or death."

At the same time, the Revolutionary Recovery Insurrectional Movement (MIRR) released photographs Monday showing two of its members working on six homemade bombs which the group said were dropped on a Camaguey sugar mill Sunday.

The raid was directed against Cuba's largest sugar mill, Haronu in Camaguey. The group said "we believe that's the one we hit, but whatever we hit, we destroyed it."

There was no anti-aircraft fire, according to the leaders of MIRR, Marcelino Garcia and Orlando Bosch.

Havana radio has not acknowledged the attack.

Bosch warned that MIRR would attack "by sea or air" any Greek ships found near Cuba after Oct. 1. Greece was singled out, he said, "because they, more than any other vessels at the moment, are helping to supply Castro."

Copyright (c) 1963 United Press International

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