Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Palm Beach Post, October 6, 1966, "Anti-Castro Leader Guilty of Arms Count" by The Associated Press.

NAPLES - An anti-Castro exile leader was convicted Wednesday of transporting dynamite bombs which he admitted were to be smuggled into Cuba.

Dr. Orlando Bosch, head of the Revolutionary Insurrectional Recovery Movement (MIRR), gave newsmen a statement bemoaning "harassment of our right to fight." He said he suspects a conspiracy between the United States and the Soviet Union.

The 38-year-old former Cuban physician was released without bond pending a pre-sentence investigation.

Bosch won a mistrial on another charge - possessing explosives. The six-man Circuit Court jury which had convicted him on that charge, with a recommendation of leniency, misnamed the charge in its verdict.

Bosch and two other MIRR men were intercepted by Collier County deputies east of Naples April 22 in an automobile in which the officers said they found six dynamite-packed bombs.

The slim, bespectacled MIRR leader has been charged frequently with weapons and explosive law violations and each time has spoken out sharply against what he considers unwarranted interference with efforts to overthrow Fidel Castro. The MIRR has claimed several boat and airplane raids against Cuban installations.

Wednesday night Bosch said "despite being impressed with how justice operates in this country, we believe that this new effort of the federal authorities is part of a conspiracy between Washington and Moscow to decide about the destiny of different parts of the world."

The reference to federal authorities, which he did not elaborate, was not clear. The charges against him were state charges.

Bosch said "these new harassments against our right to fight not only for the liberty of our country but for the dignity of human beings and also for American democracy will not stop us."

Copyright (c) 1966 The Associated Press

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