Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Miami News, June 12, 1965, "Exile Group Blasts U.S. Cuba Policy" by Bob Kilgore.

A Miami-based anti-Castro group, whose leader was jailed on charges of attempting to smuggle bombs out of the country has bitterly denounced the United States.

"The U.S. is taking an imperialistic attitude toward the Cuban people who want to get rid of Castro," said George Gutierrez, spokesman for the Revolutionary Recovery Insurrectional Movement (MIRR) here last night.

The organization's 38-year-old leader, Orlando Bosch, was one of six men arrested in Orange County yesterday on the bomb charge.

"The Russians are helping Castro," said Gutierrez at MIRR headquarters at 1661 W. Flagler St. "All we want is to be able to fight."

He said Bosch and three other Cuban exile men arrested with him will go on a hunger strike unless they are freed within 72 hours.

Two Americans, identified as William J. Johnson and Frank Rafferty, also are being held.

Bosch and his companions asked fellow exiles not to try to raise money for his release on bond. A letter written from his Orlando jail cell by Bosch, and read at last night's MIRR press conference said:

"Here in the jail of our allies, four Cubans who will never desert their banner are singing the hymn of Bayamo (Cuban national anthem)."

Bosch wrote that MIRR will continue to work for overthrow of Castro's regime "even if my flesh and that of my companions should rot behind these macabre bars."

He said the FBI, Customs and the CIA were continually trying to infiltrate the MIRR.

Gutierrez said the 60-pound bombs and other arms and ammunition seized in yesterday's were going to be used to destroy military installations in Cuba in a "master blow."

Copyright (c) 1965 The Miami News

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