Thursday, November 17, 2011

Daytona Beach Morning Journal, June 6, 1966, "Acquittal for Bosch" by The Associated Press.

ORLANDO - Dr. Orlando Bosch, head of an anti-Castro fighting organization, and three compatriots were acquitted Saturday of plotting to export bombs for a raid on Cuba.

A U.S. District Court jury returned the verdict five hours after retiring in the trial's fifth day.

Bosch, a bespectacled, 38-year-old former Santa Clara, Cuba, physician, told Judge George C. Young "we leave Orlando deeply impressed with American justice."

Bosch continued - as his lawyer, Ed Kirkland, tried to shush him - "we were inspired by the process we found, in spite of the unfair treatment we received several times from government officials who know we fight against communism and for the liberation of our country."

Judge Young cautioned Bosch and his co-defendants against laying themselves open to further charges of violating the U.S. Neutrality Act and the law against exporting munitions. Such "would be a gross act of ingratitude," said the judge.

Copyright (c) 1966 The Associated Press

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